Dreampop shoegaze female vocalist covers tv shows like to use because they’re cheap

For the past few years there’s been this trend on TV shows to use slowed down ~ethereal~ covers of big famous songs, almost always recorded by upcoming female vocalists. It makes sense: it’s cheaper to pay for a cover than for the original songs [some of these are BIG songs]. And this does happen more often on teen shows on smaller networks [Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars, Cloak & Dagger], but every so often it happens on Lucifer, or in a Handmaids’ Tale trailer.

And some of these are pretty good [Meshell Ndegeocello’s cover of Waterfalls is DIVINE]. Some of these are mediocre elevator muzak. Some of these are outrageous — who in their right mind would dreampop shoegaze Ooops I Did I Again and then play it on Grey’s Anatomy? [It happened.]

So I started collecting them. Because it’s always just a little bit weird, and a little bit funny. And I like weird and funny. I always feel a little thrill when a needle drop on a rando tv episode just overpowers my brain, and I stop paying attention to the plot because ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME they’re playing a white woman version of No Scrubs in this episode of Valley of the Boom. I mean, I probably deserve *that* because I was watching freaking Valley of the Boom.

Anyway, here’s Wonderwall a bunch of dreampop shoegaze female vocalist covers as heard on rando tv shows:

Megan Washington – Riders on the Storm [The Doors] — Teen Wolf, ep 601: Memory Lost

Freedom Fry – Oops I Did it Again [Britney Spears] — Grey’s Anatomy, ep 1206: The Me Nobody Knows

Galia Arad – Baby One More Time [Britney Spears] — Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, ep 204: Rabbit Hold

Ivesy – Shout [Tears for Fears] — Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, ep 205: Alignment Chart

Wendy Wang + Inga Roberts – Take on Me [A-ha] — Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, ep 210: Level Up

Audio Generdyn ft. Lexxi Saal – Get Up Stand Up (Bob Marley)
The Rook pilot trailer

Jetta – I’d Love to Change the World [Ten Years After] — Person of Interest, ep 401: Panotpticon

Denmark + Winter: Stand By Me [Ben E. King] — Pretty Little Liars, ep 718: Choose or Lose

Denmark + Winter: Don’t Fear the Reaper [Blue Oyster Club] — The Originals, ep 322: The Bloody Crown

Denmark + Winter: Every Breath you Take [The Police] — Pretty Little Liars, ep 505: Miss Me x 100

Denmark + Winter: Enjoy the Silence [Depeche Mode] — Stalker, ep 111: Tell All

Denmark + Winter: Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? [Culture Club] — Dynasty, ep 213: Even Worms Can Procreate

Justine Bennett – No Scrubs [TLC] — Valley of the Boom, ep 102: pseudocode

Meshell Ndegeocello – Waterfalls [TLC] — Queen Sugar, ep 304: No Haven in my Shadow

Malia J – For What It’s Worth [Buffalo Springfield] — The Handmaid’s Tale season two trailer

First Aid Kit – America [Simon & Garfunkel] — The Astronaut Wives Club, ep 110: Landing

Natalie Taylor – In the Air Tonight [Phil Collins] — Lucifer, ep 210: Quid Pro Ho

Gemma Heyes – Wicked Games [Chris Isaac] — Pretty Little Liars, ep 224: If These Dolls Could Talk

UNIONS – Sex & Candy [Marcy’s Playground] — Unreal, ep 407: Bluff

Audrey Assad – Wish You Were Here [Pink Floyd] — Timeless, ep 101: Pilot

ADLT VDEO – Mad World [Tears for Fears] — Timeless, ep 102: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Nouela – The Sound of Silence [Simon & Garfunkel] — Timeless, ep 106: The Watergate Tape

Ember Island – Creep [Radiohead] — Timeless, 203: Hollywoodland

I’ll upload this list whenever I hear a new dreampop shoegaze female vocalist cover on a rando episode of a television show.

Bonus: here’s a special unicorn dreampop shoegaze MALE vocalist cover that happened one time on Teen Wolf:

Zayde Wølf – Save Tonight [Eagle-Eye Cherry] — Teen Wolf, ep 518: The Maid of Gévaudan